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Please note, for premium models the fee will be individual!

Hours High
2 hrs 500 € from 600 €
3 hrs 650 € from 750 €
4 hrs 800 € from 900 €
5 hrs 900 € from 1000 €
6 hrs 1000 € from 1100 €
7 hrs 1100 € from 1200 €
8 hrs 1200 € from 1300 €
9 hrs 1300 € from 1400 €
10 hrs 1400 € from 1500 €
11 hrs 1450 € from 1600 €
12 hrs 1500 € from 1700 €
13-18 hrs 2100 € from 2300 €
19-24 hrs 2500 € from 2700 €
1 additional day (24 hours) 1400 € from 1500 €
1 week (7 days) 7500 € from 9000 €

A last word on our fees – promised!

Your encounter should be stylish, romantic and fulfilling from beginning to end. Conversations about money are taboo!

Therefore you pay the booked service including travel costs before beginning with the lady locally in cash.
The best way to hand over the money is by envelope. As an alternative, you can also transfer the money in advance to us. Transfer the money and we’ll pass it on to the lady immediately. Only the company name will appear on your statement MA Event- und Marketing GmbH. The prices depend on the booked duration of your rendezvous.
The services offered by the ladies are all included in the price. Extras or extensions on site, you can discuss with the selected lady.

Cash or Bank Transfer

Scarabaeus Escort guarantees you carefree, authentic encounters in which you can let yourself go. That is why it is important to settle all disturbing details in advance.
This is how the ladies are paid before their meeting. 

You have the option of handing over the fee personally in a neutral envelope at the beginning of your meeting. Or discreetly transfer the amount for the booked service to our account.
All escorts we mediate have given us a power of attorney to receive money and we will immediately pass the money on to the self-employed women.

Traveling Expenses

Please note: The stated amounts represent the personal fee of the self-employed women. The travel costs are to be borne separately by the customer.
The costs vary depending on the location of the lady and the meeting point.
You can find an overview of frequently chosen places and regions in the sedcard of the respective lady. Would you like to meet the lady in another location? No problem.
Feel free to contact us to inquire about the travel costs.